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Why Makers Make.

ast week, I talked with sculptor Hank Kaminsky about his lifelong study of sculpture. What I learned from him regarding why he feels compelled to make his art helped illuminate for me, finally, why I feel compelled to make jewelry. For Hank, it started with a car trip he took across the country with his family […]

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Gemstone Dagger Medium Sterling Silver Hoops

  I just listed these yummy Citrine gemstone dagger earrings as a new made-to-order earring.  I’ve also added three more gemstone dagger options to choose from too!  Aquamarine, Tourmaline and Kyanite are available for me to add instead of the Citrine. I really love that ability to add options to a design! These are about […]

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A Podcast: Tutorials, artBLISS and a New Website!

Hey there!  Here is my first Podcast Update…I sort of screwed up on the last few minutes of this, and have no idea how to fix it! Hello technological prowess! Anyway…here is an update to what’s been happening lately and why I have been largely absent here!  Spring is such an immersive time for me…and […]

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Tiny Tuesday – My Mantra Board

  Last week, my mother was none too happy that I didn’t have a graphic for her to print and put on her fridge. So here you go Mom!! We had snow and ice over the weekend, and so I was home on Monday.  I had some writing chores to do, but did I do […]

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Tiny Tuesdays: Pillows, Rosy Revolver and Manifesting

  Every Tuesday, I write about some tiny revelations or moments I have experienced that I want to share with you.  My word for 2014 is Tiny, and this is a way for me to continue to notice the tiny in my life that often moves me to deeper understandings about myself and the world […]

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